Your first love is special! It doesn’t matter how many people you date afterwards, those memories whether good or bad will forever be etched on your mind.


Check out the list of 7 things you’ll never forget about your first love:

1.The first time you saw him/her
you’ll never forget the first time you saw your first love. You’ll probably even remember where he was and what he was wearing. You may even remember what you were wearing or what you said the first time you spoke.
2. Your first kiss
A memory that’ll never fade is the first time you kissed. You’ll remember exactly where you were. Most of all, you’ll remember how magical that first kiss was.
3. The fun times you had together
Your first love will always be a special part of you. After all, they captured your heart when it was young and love was new to you. You’ll have tons of memories of all the fun times and the laughs you shared.
4. How long the relationship lasted
No matter if it was a month or a year, you’ll always remember the details. It won’t escape your mind how long you were part of each other’s lives. That’s something you’ll remember with fondness. You may not remember the specifics of other relationships you’ve had but you’ll remember this
about your first love.
5. Why you broke up
The details of a first love breakup are firmly set in your memory. You’ve probably had the same experience. You know exactly when and where things went wrong with your first love.
Share your experience in the comment session and let us know what you can still remember about your first love



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