Everyone knows by now that Kanye West is a strange character and his actions are always in the news for some reason but this time it’s what he didn’t do that’s getting peoples attention.

With over 16.5 Million twitter followers which include fellow celebrity friends, family and business partners, you would expect the rap artist to have some people he finds interesting and follows back but that’s just too normal for Kimdashian’s Baby-daddy.

You’d be surprised to know that Kanye West follows only 1 person on twitter. What’s not so surprising is the fact that it’s Kim Kadarshian.
Kanye West

Who was Kanye following on twitter before he met Kim?
Before Kanye met Kim, he also had just one person he followed – Steven Holmes – A fellow from Conventary Kanye followed in 2010 after a reply to a picture of Kanye’s Gold teeth asking what Kanye uses to clean his gold teeth.

Kanye once said

I don’t really use Twitter because I can’t follow myself, I only use Twitter to not disappoint my millions of followers

Kanye might now follow back but there are many others who do like Ngbuzz :D
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